“Elektrėnų komunalinis ūkis” is a company that seeks the most advanced methods of providing services to its customers.
The desire to implement a modern document management tool arose from a negative experience in the day-to-day running of an organization. The high time required to find the right answer to the inquiries, late letters and problems with traceability of information were not satisfied. The availability of information related to the handling of complaints and the terms of contracts was tiring. Long and complicated business processes, duplication of work, as well as the need for more efficient division of tasks have led to the search for an IT solution for more efficient management of the organization.

EKU received value:

  • Document management solutions have increased the speed of work organization processes.
  • The handling of documents has reduced uncertainties during work.
  • Customer requests are processed faster. Information for their analysis is found at the touch of a few buttons.
  • Correspondence management has facilitated the creation and distribution of tasks.
  • Better process management has made it easier to link business activities.
  • The value provided by the system was particularly evident during quarantine, when work is organized remotely.


“The implemented changes allowed to increase the transparency of the organization’s management, traceability of actions and availability of information. The amount of paper documents has been significantly reduced, as has the space for storing them. You won’t find any paper documents on my personal desk! “

Ričardas Leckas

Efficiency indicators

0 x
on average faster search of information and documents
0 x
documents are reconciled faster
0 +
average monthly turnover of correspondence
automated processes
0 +
on average tasks are created per month

“The system solved the coordination of documents by working remotely. The work has become more convenient, with the possibility to see the documents in one place at the right time, as well as to create sequences for their adjustment according to the company’s needs. “

Giedrė Pakenienė
Head of General Affairs

“One of the advantages is that we can create processes ourselves, manage them, adapting them to the needs of our organization, thus optimizing work and resources. AIS ensures maximum data security, and last but not least, it has an efficient and effective team of system consultants.”

Tomas Maleckis
IT systems administrator – supplier


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