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The KG Group corporate group includes AB Kauno Grūdai, the Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry farms, as well as their daughter companies, and is one of the largest, most modern, and economically strong associations in Lithuania. There are over 3,500 employees working throughout the corporate group, which is why corporate activity management, daily coordination of work, and information dissemination and preservation are particularly difficult. The corporate group began to install the Sekasoft document approval system in 2005, later the task management system, and then the employee performance evaluation system.

KG Group’s received value

Many internal processes were transferred to cyberspace: decision making, documentation coordination and approval, task management, procurement management, new product development, project management, etc. Working in cyberspace sped up processes and decision-making, saved staff time, greatly reduced the number of printed documents, and we no longer need to carry approval documents to different companies or divisions.

Electronic document approval markings are legal and equivalent to an employee signature. All documents requiring coordination are now signed and approved up to ten times more quickly. In addition, electronic approval has trained personnel to more effectively and better prepare original documents.


„We also integrated the entire group’s procurement process into the task management system. By using the task module we manage all corporate purchases: we collect all the information for each purchase, indicate the desired purchase deadline, and by resolution record the real date of purchase. It also records the purchase value – initial, after negotiations, and final. This not only helps us to manage, but also to analyse all purchases.“

Jr. Tautvydas Barštys
KG Group Procurement Office Director

„So that the teams and their leaders can properly manage a wide variety of tasks in one place, we collect information on the main company tasks performed, their status, and the results, and we store all this as an execution history. Task operators do not forget about their tasks, do not lose information related to the task, and do not miss task deadlines. Thanks to the task management solution annual business plans are adjusted, if necessary.“

Ieva Šilinskaitė
KG Group Organization Development Office Head

„Controlling tasks in the system not only helps managers who formulate the tasks and control them, but also the employees themselves, who, from the moment of task accomplishment, can provide not only comments or observations on the same task, but also record the work done and be evaluated. Thus, this tool enhances two-way communication between the manager and the employee.“

Tautvydas Barštys
KG Group Chairman of the Board

Efficiency indicators

0 x
faster documentation and approval processes on average
0 %
decreased physical document flows
0 +
typical approval processes are conducted in cyberspace
0 +
tasks are designed for corporate strategy and to implement changes
0 +
the system oversees documents approved each month
We gather information on employee performance assessment in one system.
0 x
employee performance assessment has sped up
0 %
employees in the performance assessment system participate in performance assessment
One-stop information search: one window instead of five-ten
0 x
quicker search for any information or documents required
„With the help of the staff performance assessment module, all relevant managers see the annual objectives and training needs each employee sets for him/ her. Both employees and managers can keep track of various aspects and analyse objective implementation history, and all the information collected is used at the annual interviews. The aspect of information security and data access management is also very important.“

Klaudija Pauliukevičiūtė
KG Group Personnel Office Director

„The internal KG Group intranet, first of all, is every employee’s working environment that provides all information flows. It is personalized for each individual employee. It is not only convenient for an employee to work with everyday tasks, but if necessary to find any necessary information. She does not need to open windows in any other modules or systems: everything is right there in one space.“

Ieva Šilinskaitė
KG Group Organization Development Office Head


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