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According to the representatives of the Lithuanian Post Process Management Division, the effect of DVS implementation was felt most after identifying, analyzing, standardizing and automating important processes for the company: preparation, coordination, approval, signing and control of contracts with customers, internal and public procurement. The risk of missing deadlines in procurement procedures has been completely eliminated, as the system has set up a standardized process that eliminates the need to think about when and what to do. The expiration date or the used purchase amount is reminded by the system itself. Documents created in the system and sent for coordination and approval travel only to staff involved in the process. From now on, document management in the company is carried out in accordance with the Electronic Document Management Rules approved by the Chief Archivist of Lithuania, ensuring the efficient use of electronic signatures and open standard documents to increase the efficiency and transparency of the company’s operations.

Lietuvos paštas received value:

  • By digitizing many of the company’s business processes and transferring documents to the electronic space, Lietuvos Paštas has shortened many business processes from several to several times, which has increased productivity and helped save hundreds of thousands of euros every year. 
  • Standardized processes ensured transparency. All processes and actions of employees are easy to trace in the system, which increases confidence in the company’s operations. From now on, all the necessary documents and their latest versions are quickly found using the search.
  • An electronic signature has been installed for the approval of documents. Employees sign the company’s internal documents with an advanced e-signature directly in the system. A qualified electronic signature is used to sign external documents generated or registered in the system.
  • Thanks to the system, it is easy to monitor the processes: who, how much and for how long prepares the documents, how long the process of preparing contracts (both with customers and purchases) takes place, where the “bottle neck” is and so on.
  • The contract preparation cycle was shortened from 1-1.5 months up to 7-9 days. This change has improved customer service, increased customer satisfaction with the services provided and generally improved the quality of Lithuanian Post’s operations.
  • Intranet helped to implement smooth internal communication in Lithuanian Post. Here, employees find all relevant information, news and achievements, and management can easily conduct employee surveys and so on.


“The main visible and tangible benefits of the project are the digitization of various procedures and document forms, and the use of electronic signatures.”

Vaidas Klimas
Project Manager

Efficiency indicators

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faster integration of new employees
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faster search of information
0 x
contract preparation has accelerated
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less paper
0 %
lower time required to prepare and approve documents
0 x
faster document reconciliation and approval processes
automated human resource processes
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the whole process is automated
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the number of procurements generated by the system during the quarter

“The process and document management system has given us ample opportunities to manage our internal processes transparently and efficiently, and we are pleased that Lietuvos paštas customers and employees are benefiting.”

Asta Sungailienė
General director

“The benefits of DMS at Lietuvos Paštas are not only the efficiency and speed of process efficiency, we have been able to reach all our employees quickly and flexibly, and we are implementing changes 5 times faster.”

Vaida Seibutytė
Process Management Team Leader


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